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Every outdoor enthusiast probably has a mental image of a perfect campsite. People look for various qualities in a camping location including beauty, privacy, quietness, security, spaciousness and cleanliness among others. The best camping locations in Northern Ireland have all of these qualities.

1. Beauty

This refers to the general surroundings of the campsite, especially in parks, beaches and other scenic locations. Campsites in Northern Ireland offer outdoor enthusiasts the opportunity to enjoy the country’s natural splendour from their tents. Northern Ireland has beautiful settings that invite you to relax and enjoy them. The country is blessed with a vast array of forest parks, coastal paths, mountain beaches and much more. It is home to beautiful regions, all with their own unique appeal.

Campers can enjoy beautiful scenery that ranges from the secluded coastal beaches, scenic glens and quaint villages situated in the North Coast, to the beautiful granite topped summits and dramatic views of the Mourne Mountains. There is something for everyone.

2. Privacy

Northern Ireland campsites offer unrivaled privacy. You do not have to worry about wayfaring intruders straying off a trail into your campsite. Most campsites have considerable ground vegetation that forms barriers between campsites. It is important for campers to respect the privacy of others, and hope that the respect will come back to them as well.

3. Quietness

Campsites in Northern Ireland are far enough from each other. This means that you do not have to worry about hearing every word from your neighbours. The campsites are located away from busy places such as boat landings and major roads. The quietness in some campsites is masked by waterfalls, sound of waves and other natural sounds. At least, such sounds muffle the sounds that many people probably want to get away from.

However, quiet campers will hopefully remind others to do the same.

4. Spaciousness

Campsites in Northern Ireland are quite affordable. Some campsites are located in distant locations, which may require campers to travel a while before reaching their destination while others are located in wide-open areas near major roads. Sometimes, remote and primitive campsites do not have actual campsite space.

5. Security

Camping in Northern Ireland is very safe as the campsites are very secure. They are patrolled by rangers and monitored by campsite hosts. Security is an important factor to consider when spending time outdoors. You should consider proximity to trails, how easy it is for someone to abuse your space, where to leave expensive equipment and other factors. It is advisable to keep a low profile and lock valuable items in your car whenever you can.

There is an unwritten rule in camp ethics, which requires campers not to interfere with the affairs of other campers. Unfortunately, not all adhere to this unwritten rule. When camping in Northern Ireland, be sure to check with campsite host whenever you leave your campsite, and notify both the ranger and the campsite host if you will be away for long. Some security breaches are not caused by humans. Therefore, do not leave foodstuff lying around the tent because it might attract insects and other animals.

6. Cleanliness

Campsites in Northern Ireland are well managed by rangers and campsite hosts. This means you do not have to worry about garbage and tossed foodstuffs. Most Northern Ireland campsites do not have a reputation of being scavenge locations for critters. However, consider various hygiene factors when choosing a campsite. Natural debris such as leaves and twigs may indicate strong winds, which may require you to clean up once a while.

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